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Improve your Spanish language.

Improve your Spanish language.

Get confidence in your ability to express yourself by sharing time in different activities that our school offers you.

Spanish students have the opportunity to learn functional and professional Spanish from our teachers practicing Spanish in different areas suggested by the school in a way to have “Total Immersion”:

  • School’s cafeteria.
  • By Shopping around the school:
    • The supermarket “La bodegona” 200 meters away from the school.
    • The public market 400 meters away from the school.
  • Afternoon activities with a teacher guide recommended by the school.
  • The family house (mainly at meals).
  •  Weekend activities with a teacher guide: visit the villages of Lake Atitlan, the beach with black volcanic sand, in Monterrico or in the grandiose Mayan Ruins of Tikal.

Everything is an opportunity to practice your Spanish.

Here are some tips to improve your Spanish:

  • Schedule hourly week that includes:
    • Time in class with your individual teacher.
    • Tasks.
    • Review your daily class.
    • Meals with the family host.
    • Afternoon activities.
    • Volunteer work
    • And time with new friends.

Being a Spanish student is like having a full-time job, with the exception that here is not a job, is discovering another language.

Study skills.
Spanish students have the opportunity to develop excellent Spanish language study skills.

  • Consult the School’s books. Read them, understand them and share them with your Spanish teacher.
  • In class make a daily vocabulary to review it at night, in your study period and create situations of use.
  • Constantly evaluate yourself to know your progress.

All this and much more, you should create, desire and receive the success of speaking Spanish as a second language.

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